ConnecTen Internet gets and Keeps you Connected

Our Story

In today's digital age, everyone deserves seamless and reliable internet, no matter where they are. That's the belief that fueled the inception of ConnecTen Internet. Recognizing the challenges faced by freelancers, travelers, digital nomads, RVers, and rural residents, we set out on a mission: to revolutionize the internet experience by liberating users from the constraints of traditional providers.

The ConnecTen Advantage

Nationwide Coverage

Our promise is connectivity from coast to coast, whether you're in a bustling city or a remote wilderness spot.

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High-Speed Performance

Experience the power of lightning-fast connections, perfect for everything from streaming to intensive work tasks.

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Unlimited Data

Dive into the world of unlimited possibilities with our data plans that have no boundaries.

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A service that truly understands and adapts to your lifestyle, be it working from a café or exploring in an RV.

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Smart Routing Technology

Our proprietary tech ensures you're always connected to the best possible carrier for optimal performance.

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Customer First

Our dedicated support team, led by the exemplary Tyler, is ever-present to ensure a smooth internet journey for you.

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We aren't just an internet service provider. We're a community. A blend of adventurers, remote workers, and digital enthusiasts. By choosing ConnecTen, you're not just getting exceptional internet service; you're joining a family committed to staying connected, no matter where life takes you.

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