Case Study: ConnecTen Internet - Breaching the Barriers of Rural Connectivity

Case Study: ConnecTen Internet - Breaching the Barriers of Rural Connectivity

Rural internet has always been an area riddled with skepticism. The challenge of providing fast and reliable connectivity in areas away from urban hubs is vast. However, for M 4, a switch to ConnecTen Internet after a disappointing stint with Nomad proved that not all rural internet solutions are created equal.


M 4, previously a customer of Nomad, was deeply skeptical about the quality of internet services available in rural areas. Having had subpar experiences, the prospect of finding a genuinely good provider seemed bleak.


  • Discontent with Nomad's service led to a growing skepticism about rural internet providers.
  • M 4 required not just connectivity but quality, speed, affordability, and accessible customer service.


When Tyler from ConnecTen Internet reached out, he didn't just present an offer. He provided M 4 with clear options, space to think, and a promise of genuine quality. This consultative and transparent approach resonated with M 4, leading to a switch.

The results were immediate. ConnecTen Internet proved to be faster, more reliable, and more affordable than Nomad. Moreover, the presence of live, real-time support added a layer of trust and reliability that M 4 hadn't experienced before.


  • Enhanced connectivity and speed in rural areas, outperforming previous providers.
  • A cost-effective solution that provided value for money.
  • Immediate access to real, live support, enhancing the user experience and building trust.


Rural internet doesn't have to be synonymous with compromise. As M 4's journey with ConnecTen Internet showcases, the right provider can offer urban-grade connectivity, even in the most remote areas. With its superior service, competitive pricing, and stellar customer support, ConnecTen Internet stands out as a top choice for those in need of rural connectivity.

"Would 100% recommend this company to anybody that needs rural Internet."

  • M 4

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