Case Study: Overcoming Dead Zones with ConnecTen Internet's Smart Routing Technology

Case Study: Overcoming Dead Zones with ConnecTen Internet's Smart Routing Technology

While the dream of settling down in a tranquil countryside home appeals to many, the reality of 'dead zones' — areas with little to no connectivity — can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. Melissa Del Grippo faced this exact challenge. This case study explores how ConnecTen Internet's Smart Routing Technology became the solution to her connectivity woes.


After sealing the deal on her dream country home, Melissa soon discovered an unanticipated problem: the house was in a "dead zone" with no cell or internet service. Such a predicament was not just an inconvenience but threatened to compel her to sell the house.


  • A newly purchased country home with zero cell and internet coverage.
  • A majority of the town, including Melissa's residence, was in a connectivity "dead zone."
  • Previous attempts to restore connectivity were unsuccessful, leading to heightened skepticism and distrust.


Enter Tyler and the team from ConnecTen Internet. Despite Melissa's growing frustration and dwindling hope, Tyler was unwavering in his commitment to restore connectivity to her home. Leveraging ConnecTen's pioneering Smart Routing Technology, Tyler assured that not only would she receive internet access, but also consistent cell service from major carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

ConnecTen's Smart Routing Technology dynamically chooses the best pathway for data transmission, ensuring optimal signal strength even in areas previously deemed as 'dead zones'.


  • Melissa's home, once a connectivity black hole, now boasts full-functional internet service.
  • With the incorporation of ConnecTen's solutions, the house enjoys stable cell service from Verizon and AT&T, both inside and in its surroundings.
  • Tyler's unwavering persistence transformed Melissa's experience from one of despair to delight.


Connectivity challenges, especially in remote or rural areas, can seem insurmountable. However, with ConnecTen Internet's Smart Routing Technology, even the most inaccessible regions can enjoy seamless internet and cell service. Melissa's experience stands as a testament to ConnecTen's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

"Thank you Tyler for not giving up on us!"

  • Melissa Del Grippo

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