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ConnecTen Internet isn't just about providing reliable internet access, it's about empowering communities and fostering connections. That's why we're looking for passionate partners who share our vision!

Who We Want to Partner With

  • Influencers: Do you have a dedicated audience of RVers, rural residents, or anyone seeking reliable internet on the go?
  • Rural Residents: Are you tired of limited internet options in your area? Partner with ConnecTen to bring reliable and affordable internet to your community.
  • RVers: Let your fellow RV enthusiasts know how ConnecTen keeps them connected, wherever they roam.
  • Community Champions: Do you believe in bridging the digital divide? Partner with ConnecTen to spread the word about our mission.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Unleash Uninterrupted Web: Ditch Wi-Fi dead zones and enjoy seamless internet access with our multi-carrier VSIM technology.
  • Freedom & Flexibility: Stream, download, and work without limitations. Choose from flexible data plans to fit your needs.
  • Effortless Setup: No tech expertise required! Simply plug in your router and get connected in minutes.
  • Top-Notch Support: Our dedicated team is always available – 24/7 phone and live chat support – to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

cookie monster
in the last week

I was a little skeptical when I got a random c a ll from Tyler about this internet provider because I had recently had Noamad internet which was horrible with always losing service and they had absolutely no customer service. You had to send a email and wait a month or more for a response. Not to mention they had an issue with double charging me several months in a row and it took months to get a refund. But when I decided to go ahead and talk to Tyler about this service he was more than u could ever expect from anyone when it comes to customer service and he was just strait forward and to the point. I just received my router 2 days ago and just WOW! it is most definitely more than I ever expected! And to be frank it was all that Tyler had told me it would be . Calling and getting it paid for and shipped out took less than 5 minutes! Which is beyond record breaking compared to any other company I have ever needed to talk to . I recommend this service to anyone in rural areas . Really anyone period . I have had 3 dif internet providers other than this one and so far this is the cherry on top ! And further more I recommend to speak and deal with Tyler so u can have the same awsome and quick service that I have had with him ! Thank you so much Tyler! If it weren't for you reaching out to me I would still be waiting 5 minutes just to load an email ! Again if u are looking for great customer service and internet be sure to get up with him !

Tim Holcombe
in the last week

I cannot overstate how impressed I have been with Tyler and Connecten Internet. The personal service and care he gives is very rare, to say the least. FINALLY I can fire my cable company. I highly recommend Connecten, and working with Tyler has been fantastic!

Jason Newman
in the last week

This is a great company. So far I've only been with using them about 3 weeks and I've had 1 problem where my service went out contacted them through the web page messages and spoke with a real person and they had me back up and going in less then 5 minutes. Also the sales rep Tyler that I've spoken to servel times has helped me any time I've needed him. He's called today to make sure we were still up and running and just to check in on us. We were using vasat and could only watch TV during the day and still ran out of data in 2 days with connecten my whole family can w a tch a different show on there own tvs and it never slows down. 100% back this company.

Pat McDaniel
a week ago

Being a full time RVer, internet was a challenging issue. After reading up a little and speaking with Tyler it became a non issue. Tyler was great helping out with an issue with the router from start to finish. At all times it was handled very professionally and we are very happy with our decision to go with this company and we're sure you'd be happy too!!!


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