An In-depth Look Into ConnecTen Internet by Lance from Boondocking With Boomer

An In-depth Look Into ConnecTen Internet by Lance from Boondocking With Boomer

If you've been on the hunt for a reliable Internet connection while traveling or staying in remote locations, you're in the right place.

First Impressions:

On unboxing the router, the first thing I noticed was the compactness and the weight. This device feels solid in hand, made of steel and not the usual flimsy plastic you find in many routers today. Interestingly, it came with six antennas, which suggests strong signal reception capabilities. The packaging also contained an Ethernet cable and a power cord, a thoughtful touch from the company.

Setting it Up:

The setup guide was quite straightforward. However, patience is key as the initial boot-up to establish a connection took around 20 to 25 minutes. It's worth noting that the cord length is a bit on the shorter side, which might require some adjustments based on where you're placing the router.

Performance Check:

I tested this device both in my motorhome and during a trip to central Ontario, roughly an hour and a half north of Toronto. Regardless of being in a valley surrounded by hilly terrain, the router consistently delivered download speeds of 20-25 Mbps and uploads around 1.3 Mbps. Later on, in a different spot, the speeds reached an impressive 63.63 Mbps and even touched 75 Mbps at its peak.

This level of performance means uninterrupted streaming on platforms like Netflix and YouTube, even in challenging terrains. The Ethernet connection to my laptop worked seamlessly, and the WiFi signal strength on my phone was commendable.

Customer Support:

The customer service experience with ConnecTen deserves special mention. Every query I shot at them, even during odd hours, was promptly addressed. Kudos to Misty and G from the support team, and of course, Tyler, the sales representative, for guiding me throughout the process.

Additional Insights:

The router operates through multiple carriers, making it versatile for users across the US and Canada. Interestingly, while I was in Canada, I found myself connected to an AT&T tower via Houston, showcasing the flexibility of the device.

However, as with any product, there are areas of improvement. The power cord length could be more generous, and it would be interesting to explore the function of the USB plug at the back of the router.

Final Verdict:

For those who travel frequently or live in areas with unpredictable Internet connectivity, the ConnecTen router appears to be a promising solution. The sturdy build, impressive speeds, and exceptional customer service make it a worthy investment.

I'll be back with more updates as I test this router in different terrains and elevations. For now, if you're considering a new Internet service provider, ConnecTen definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Stay tuned, and happy boondocking!

  • Lance, Boondocking With Boomer.

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