Why Investment Shouldn’t Be Fun

Why Investment Shouldn’t Be Fun

Don't Let FOMO Fool You: Why RVing and Investing Are a Perfect Match for Long-Term Growth (But Keep the Investing Boring!)

Investing money is a critical component of building long-term financial security. Yet, many influencers and online content creators often depict investing as a thrilling activity, akin to gambling. This portrayal is not only misleading but can also be detrimental to financial health. For RVers, rural residents, road trippers, and remote workers across America and Canada, understanding the true nature of investment is essential. Here’s why investment shouldn’t be fun.

The Allure of Excitement in Investing

The rise of social media influencers and online content has revolutionized the way people perceive investing. Many portray it as a high-stakes game, where quick gains and losses are part of the thrill. This perspective is particularly dangerous because it can encourage impulsive decision-making, much like gambling.

Platforms like Robinhood and other trading apps have made investing accessible to everyone, often gamifying the experience with confetti animations for trades and flashy graphics. While this can make the process more engaging, it also trivializes the seriousness of investing.

Investment is a Slow and Steady Process

The reality of investment is far from the fast-paced excitement depicted online. Real investment is slow, steady, and requires patience. The stock market, for example, has historically provided an average annual return of about 7-10% after inflation . This return, while significant over the long term, requires time to accumulate.

Diversification, a cornerstone of prudent investing, further emphasizes the boring nature of sound investment strategy. Spreading investments across different asset classes—such as stocks, bonds, and real estate—reduces risk but often leads to slower, more stable returns . This is contrary to the excitement of putting all your money into the next "hot stock."

The Dangers of Treating Investment Like Gambling

Gambling and investing are fundamentally different. Gambling involves risking money on an event with an uncertain outcome, often with the hope of significant short-term gains. In contrast, investing is about committing money to an asset with the expectation of generating income or profit over time. When investments are treated like bets, it can lead to significant financial losses. The 2021 GameStop saga is a prime example where many inexperienced investors faced severe losses after the initial hype died down .

Why Boring is Better

For RVers and remote workers, financial stability is crucial, given the often unpredictable nature of income and expenses associated with these lifestyles. A conservative and well-thought-out investment strategy can provide the necessary stability and security.

Focusing on long-term goals, such as retirement savings or emergency funds, requires a disciplined approach. Automated investment plans, such as dollar-cost averaging, where you invest a fixed amount regularly regardless of market conditions, are effective yet unexciting strategies .


While it might be tempting to follow the latest investment trends for quick thrills, the best investment strategies are often the most boring. They involve patience, diversification, and a focus on long-term goals. Remember, this article is not financial advice but an opinion piece. It's crucial to consult with a financial advisor to tailor an investment plan that suits your unique circumstances.

For RVers, rural residents, road trippers, and remote workers, embracing the boring but proven strategies of investing can lead to greater financial security and peace of mind. So, let’s leave the excitement for adventures on the road and keep our investments steady and boring.

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