Touchdown for Tailgating! How ConnecTen Scores Big for RV Football Fans

Touchdown for Tailgating! How ConnecTen Scores Big for RV Football Fans

For many RVers, catching the big game can be a fumble – inconsistent Wi-Fi, data caps, and frustrating buffering can leave you feeling more like a dropped pass than a winning touchdown. But for Donny and Tammy (@2Benedicts), this season it's a whole new ball game thanks to ConnecTen Internet.

As Tammy, a teacher who travels the US with her husband during school breaks, explains: "WiFi in an RV can be an issue, especially if you're a big football fan like Donny. Streaming games in the fifth wheel is a big deal for him."

That's where ConnecTen steps in, with a winning combination of features that make game day in the RV a breeze:

  • Easy setup: Just plug it in and enjoy – no tech headaches here! 
  • Pay as you go: No contracts, just flexible plans to fit your needs. 
  • Multiple plan options: Choose the data you need, from casual browsing to unlimited streaming.
  • Unlimited data: Stream every play, every quarter, without worrying about running out.
  • Perfect for football fans: Say goodbye to buffering and enjoy the game, uninterrupted.

As Tammy says, "We leveled up our game day experience in the RV this year with ConnecTen Internet. This little box makes Wi-Fi in the fifth wheel easy. Just plug it in, wait for the lights to come on, sit back, and stream the game. Now, that's a big win for Donny."

Looking to score big on your next RV adventure? ConnecTen can help you:

    • Stay connected with loved ones while exploring new sights.
    • Work remotely with reliable internet access.
    • Stream your favorite shows and movies on the go.
    • Enjoy seamless online gaming without lag or disconnections.

With ConnecTen, your RV becomes your home base for adventure, connection, and entertainment. So grab your jersey, fire up the grill, and get ready to cheer on your team – ConnecTen will handle the rest.



P.S. Don't forget to follow Donny and Tammy's adventures on Instagram (@2Benedicts) for inspiration and tips on living and traveling the US in an RV.

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