Embracing the Nomadic Lifestyle with ConnecTen Internet: A Life Redesigned Story

Embracing the Nomadic Lifestyle with ConnecTen Internet: A Life Redesigned Story

The journey of Bob and Carrie is a testament to the growing trend of digital nomadism. In 2022, they made the significant decision to sell everything and transition to a life on the road in their 2023 Grand Design 22 MLE. This blog post explores their transformation into full-time RV living and how ConnecTen Internet has become an integral part of their adventurous lifestyle.

The Full-Time RV Challenge

Bob and Carrie’s full-time RV life is not just about exploration and freedom; it revolves around their need to stay connected for work and daily activities. The unpredictability of mobile internet was a constant challenge until they extended an open challenge for a one-stop internet solution. After an exhaustive search and an eight-month wait, ConnecTen Internet stepped up to meet the challenge.

Joining the ConnecTen Family

Bob and Carrie’s acceptance into the ConnecTen family marked the beginning of a worry-free connectivity experience. This partnership is not just about internet access; it’s about the alignment with a company that offers honesty and top-notch service. They now stand with a community of content creators who vouch for ConnecTen’s integrity and customer-centric approach.

Everyday Connectivity, Simplified

The RV couple highlights the simplicity and convenience of ConnecTen’s service. The device provided by ConnecTen houses an eSIM that connects to the strongest service provider automatically, removing the hassle of switching networks and remembering multiple passwords. For them, ConnecTen has redefined connectivity with a system that just works, regardless of the service provider.

Tailored Solutions and Exceptional Service

ConnecTen’s commitment to customer service shines through in their story. Bob’s interaction with the company's internal team via Slack showcased a level of customer care that prioritizes user satisfaction above all else. The ability to request a switch between networks or lock onto a preferred service provider is a game-changer for the couple.

Affordable Plans for Every Nomad

With four plans ConnecTen Internet caters to the diverse needs of the RV community. 

  1. The Explorer Plan: For casual browsing and emails, with 100 GB of data at $69/month.
  2. The Journey Plan: Suited for regular online activities and streaming, with 350 GB of data at $89/month.
  3. The Adventure Plan: For heavy-duty users with unlimited data, ideal for remote work and entertainment at $99/month.
  4. The Wanderlust Plan: The ultimate package for extensive usage, with unlimited data and extra features at $120/month.


Bob and Carrie’s experience with ConnecTen Internet has transformed their full-time RV life, eliminating the stress of maintaining a reliable internet connection. Their story is a beacon for other RVers and rural residents, proving that with the right service provider, the world becomes your office, and connectivity issues become a thing of the past. Join them and countless others who have found their connectivity partner in ConnecTen Internet.

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