ConnecTen: Safeguarding Your Family's Online Journey

ConnecTen: Safeguarding Your Family's Online Journey

At ConnecTen, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe online. That's why we offer not only unlimited data and flexible plans, but also a commitment to providing a safe and enriching online experience for everyone.

Safe Browsing for Every Family Member

At ConnecTen Internet, we understand that the safety of your family online is paramount. That's why we provide not only a robust internet connection but also the tools you need to ensure a child-safe browsing experience.

Here are some resources to help you discover appropriate content for various age groups:

  • Common Sense Media: Provides age-appropriate reviews and recommendations for movies, TV shows, games, apps, and more.
  • PBS Kids: A treasure trove of educational and entertaining content for children of all ages.
  • Khan Academy: Offers free online courses and exercises for math, science, history, and more.
  • National Geographic Kids: Explore the wonders of the world through engaging articles, videos, and games.
  • StoryLine Online: Celebrities read aloud popular children's books, fostering a love for reading.

    Curated Content Recommendations

    Navigate the digital world with ease, thanks to ConnecTen's family-friendly content recommendations. Our curated selection is designed to educate, entertain, and inspire young minds, offering a range of options from educational platforms to fun and interactive websites that spark creativity without compromising on safety.

    Comprehensive Parental Control Options

    Take command with ConnecTen’s comprehensive parental control options, which give you the power to filter content, block inappropriate websites, and set healthy boundaries on internet usage. With these user-friendly tools, you can tailor the online environment to suit your child's age and maturity level, ensuring they have access to the benefits of the internet while shielding them from its risks.

    Guides and Resources

    • ConnectSafely: Provides resources and educational materials on online safety for families.
    • NetSmartz: Offers interactive resources to teach children about online safety principles.
    • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Provides helpful information and resources for parents.


    Commitment to Online Safety

    ConnecTen's commitment to online safety means we're continually updating and enhancing our parental controls and content recommendations. We stay abreast of the latest developments in online safety to ensure our services evolve with the changing digital landscape.

    Additional Tips:

    • Communicate openly: Talk to your children about online safety and set clear expectations about responsible internet use.
    • Explore together: Make browsing a shared experience to guide your children toward safe and educational content.
    • Stay informed: Keep up-to-date on the latest online safety threats and trends.

      Start with ConnecTen Today

      Create an online space where your children can learn, play, and grow safely. With ConnecTen Internet, your family's well-being is in good hands. Choose ConnecTen for a connection that cares about the content your family consumes.

      Because at ConnecTen, we're not just your internet provider—we're your partner in nurturing a safer digital home.

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