Case Study: ConnecTen Internet - Prioritizing the Customer

Case Study: ConnecTen Internet - Prioritizing the Customer

In today's fast-paced digital age, a reliable internet connection is a fundamental need. But beyond technical requirements, the relationship between a service provider and its customers is pivotal. Michael Fuqua's experience with ConnecTen Internet sheds light on this aspect, emphasizing the value of a customer-first approach.


Disenchanted with his previous internet provider, Michael Fuqua was on the verge of disconnecting from service providers altogether. The lack of reliability and the absence of a responsive support system left him exasperated and disappointed.


  • Previous experiences had left Michael skeptical of internet service providers.
  • Michael needed not just an internet connection, but a partner that could assure reliability, consistency, and immediate response.


Enter Tyler from ConnecTen Internet. Instead of merely selling a product, Tyler listened, understood Michael's pain points, and offered tailored solutions. He showcased what ConnecTen stood for and its commitment to its customers. Tyler's promises were not just words; they translated into actions. From delivering on commitments timely to responding swiftly to queries, Tyler embodied ConnecTen's customer-first ethos.


  • Restoration of faith in internet service providers through the personalized and prompt approach of ConnecTen.
  • Consistent delivery on promises, ensuring Michael's needs were always met.
  • Immediate response to queries, reinforcing the sense of trust and dependability.


The essence of service goes beyond the product. It's about understanding, commitment, and timely delivery. Michael Fuqua's experience with ConnecTen Internet underscores this. By placing the customer at the forefront, understanding their concerns, and ensuring constant communication, ConnecTen has set a benchmark in service excellence.

"Thanks for being reliable and responsive."

  • Michael Fuqua


  • Anonymous

    @WilsonLeguizamon, While the connection would take a few minutes to switch, it is relatively smooth and takes 5 to 10 mins in most cases.

  • Wilson Leguizamon

    If the router selects one service provider at a time, what is the lag time between switching from provider to provider? I need to be able to remain connected to clients. I cannot afford to dropped from a call or video chat.

  • Support

    @Thomas Long, Our service router selects the best carrier for your location. ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular.

  • Thomas Long

    One provider or multiple, and which providers? Att,Verizon ,T-Mobile. ???

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