Calling all adventurers, dreamers, and remote rebels!

Calling all adventurers, dreamers, and remote rebels!

Is the humdrum of routine leaving you restless? Do you crave the freedom to work, explore, and connect from anywhere your heart desires? Then ditch the limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities with ConnecTen Internet!

ConnecTen isn't just another internet provider, it's your:

    • Nomad's Oasis: Stay seamlessly connected, whether you're scaling mountains, soaking up cityscapes, or unwinding in your RV paradise.
    • Rural Rescue: Escape the dead zones and bridge the digital divide with reliable internet, wherever you call home.
    • Freelancer's Fortress: Ditch cafe hopping and unreliable connections. Work confidently with unlimited data and unwavering speeds.

Why Choose ConnecTen?

    • Nationwide Coverage: Stay online across the US, with smart routing that connects you to the best network automatically.
    • Truly Unlimited Data: Stream, browse, and work without ever hitting a limit. Freedom awaits!
    • No Contracts, No Hidden Fees: We believe in transparency. What you see is exactly what you pay.
    • Flexible Plans: Choose the Adventure Plan ($99/month) or the Wanderlust Plan ($120/month) to fit your needs and budget.
    • Easy Activation: Get started in minutes with our Virtual Sim router – simply power it on and connect!

But wait, there's more!

To celebrate the spirit of love and exploration, we're offering a special Valentine's Day discount! Use code VALENTINE40 at checkout and save $40 on your first month of ConnecTen. This offer is valid until February 18th, so don't miss out!

Ready to break free and explore the world, connected?

    • Use code VALENTINE40 for your exclusive discount
    • Unleash your wanderlust with ConnecTen Internet!


Don't let anything hold you back. The world is your oyster. Connect with ConnecTen and make it yours!

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