ConnecTen Internet Case Study: Keeping Remote Work Rolling in the Myrtle Beach Travel Park

ConnecTen Internet Case Study: Keeping Remote Work Rolling in the Myrtle Beach Travel Park


Gerry and his wife work remotely and needed a reliable internet connection while spending the winter in their RV at the Myrtle Beach Travel Park. Traditional fixed-line internet wasn't an option, leaving them searching for a mobile solution.


After learning about ConnecTen Internet from fellow travelers, Gerry reached out to ConnecTen's friendly representative, Tyler, who helped him choose the Unlimited Plan and guided him through the signup process.

Initial Hurdle:

Unfortunately, the first router received was pre-owned, appeared worn, and had limited functionality. Gerry contacted ConnecTen's customer service, and Angel, a professional and attentive representative, took immediate action.

Going the Extra Mile:

Angel spent the evening troubleshooting the issue with Gerry and arranged for a replacement router to be sent the next day. This proactive follow-up and dedication to resolving the problem ensured minimal disruption to Gerry's experience.

Success Story:

The new router arrived promptly and provided a seamless setup experience. Gerry now enjoys internet speeds ranging from 10 to 30 Mbps, allowing him and his wife to remain productive while working remotely from their RV.

Gerry's Verdict:

"I highly recommend ConnecTen Internet. Angel's follow-up and the quick turnaround on the replacement router ensured that my experience turned positive. We're happy to be able to work remotely from our RV thanks to ConnecTen's reliable internet solution."

Key Takeaways:

  • ConnecTen offers convenient and reliable mobile internet solutions for remote workers like Gerry.
  • Our dedicated customer service team is committed to resolving any issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • ConnecTen provides the flexibility and connectivity needed to work remotely from various locations.

Ready to experience the freedom of unlimited internet while traveling? Contact ConnecTen today!

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