ConnecTen Conquers Big-House Wi-Fi Woes: Larry Doke's Success Story!

ConnecTen Conquers Big-House Wi-Fi Woes: Larry Doke's Success Story!

Living in a spacious home often comes with a Wi-Fi headache – dead zones and weak signals plaguing your connection. Larry Doke knows this struggle all too well.

"With a large house, I was concerned about the router reaching everywhere," Larry says. But then he discovered ConnecTen.

ConnecTen to the Rescue! 🚀

Larry contacted ConnecTen's tech support team, who went above and beyond to ensure he achieved a seamless Wi-Fi experience. Special shoutout to Tracy! Her expert advice on adding a Wi-Fi extender was the key.

The Results? Stellar!

Thanks to ConnecTen and Tracy's guidance, Larry now enjoys:

  • Strong Signal Throughout 📶: No more dead zones! Larry's entire house is blanketed with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Blazing Speeds ⚡: Even with 7 devices connected, Larry gets impressive download speeds of 65 Mbps and upload speeds of 7 Mbps.
  • Top-Notch Support 🛠️: Larry highlights the exceptional customer service he received. The ConnecTen team was patient, helpful, and understanding – even when he asked the same questions multiple times.

Thinking of ditching your Wi-Fi woes? 🤔

Larry's experience is a testament to ConnecTen's commitment to providing reliable internet solutions and exceptional customer service.

Ready to experience the ConnecTen difference? 🌐

ConnecTen can solve your Wi-Fi problems and provide you with a seamless internet experience!

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