Case Study: RVer Finds Reliable Internet Freedom on the Road with ConnecTen Internet

Case Study: RVer Finds Reliable Internet Freedom on the Road with ConnecTen Internet

Challenge: C. Mac, a remote worker who travels full-time in an RV, needed a reliable internet solution to support their work and streaming needs. Traditional options often presented challenges with setup, coverage, and data limitations.

Solution: C. Mac discovered ConnecTen Internet, a mobile internet provider offering unlimited data and multi-carrier network access.


  • Fast and Easy Setup: C. Mac received their device within 4 business days and it connected instantly upon setup.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: C. Mac utilized ConnecTen's chat support to optimize their signal strength based on their location. Angel, a support representative, provided excellent service, answering all questions and even improving upload speeds for better work performance.
  • Reliable Connectivity: C. Mac successfully hardwired their work computer to the device's LAN port while simultaneously streaming content via Wi-Fi, experiencing no connectivity issues.

C. Mac's experience highlights the key benefits of ConnecTen for RV travelers and remote workers:

  • Uninterrupted Productivity: Reliable internet connection ensures seamless work execution even on the go.
  • Unbridled Entertainment: Unlimited data allows for uninterrupted streaming and online entertainment.
  • Exceptional Support: Responsive and knowledgeable customer service team provides assistance and optimizes performance.
  • Easy Setup and Use: Plug-and-play functionality simplifies setup and eliminates technical hassles.

C. Mac's Quote
"I signed up and received my device in about 4 business days. It was connected from the moment I set it up. I travel in an RV and have been able to chat with customer support and have them get me the best network signal based on my location. I chatted with Angel today and they were great! Super customer service and they answered all my questions and got my upload speeds to be better. I work remotely and stream a lot. I hardwire to a LAN on the device for my work computer and stream via WiFi and have had no issues. Only a week in but so far so good! Highly recommend."

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